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Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP - Serial Number 86222, One of Three Documented Factory Cutaway Model N Pistols

Connecticut State Library Collection

An early factory cutaway Colt Model N serial number 86222. Blue finish with the second style slide markings and a standard 1923 vintage checkered walnut grip. The right side has been cutaway to expose the internal workings of the pistol.

Connecticut State Library Collection

Slide and Frame are each numbered "3" with number "14" stamped on the trigger guard on the right side.  There are two threaded screw holes in the right side of the frame (at the opening of the magazine well and above the trigger) that were used to attach the gun to a Colt Factory display board.

In examining a Colt factory display board, it is noted that the arms were all cut away on the back to fit flush against the fabric backing.  Barrels were further cut away to avoid potential problems with crossing borders.  Factory ledgers occasionally state that these cut away pistols are "condemned" meaning that they were rendered inoperable.

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