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Colt Government Model .45 ACP - Renumbered 4069 with Painted Finish

Photos courtesy of Andrew Clyde

This is a Colt Government Model manufactured around 1920 with some unusual characteristics.  The original serial number has been milled off and has been restamped "4069". The finish is painted and has the appearance of being a baked on enamel.  Every part of the gun has this finish, including the magazine.  The pistol is fitted with brown plastic military stocks and the barrel is stamped "HS" and the top of the frame "S".  It has a "I" mark in the web of the left side of the trigger guard below the trigger and a partial Verified Proof mark.  The slide also has the number 6 or 9 stamped on the under the firing pin retainer.

This pistol looks much like other painted Colts that are attributed to the British during WWII. Many of the firearms obtained through blanket procurement in the States ended up this way once they reached Britain.

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