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Colt Government Model .45 ACP Norwegian Army - Serial number C94069

Bjørn Lande Collection

Colt Government Model 1911 serial number C94069 - This Colt is one of 300 ordered by the Norwegian Army in early 1916. Colt's first shipment of this order, January 31, 1917, was returned to the factory because of a lacking "end-duty certificate" that was not issued by the Norwegian government, and the guns were later sold within the USA. A second shipment of this order was shipped from the Colt factory on May 25, 1917. The guns shipped were in the serial number range C85375 - C98717.

This pistol is one of the 300 (C-94069) the Norwegian Army ordered from Colt in 1917. This particular pistol was issued to Norwegian army officer Halvor Hansson, who was appointed General Chief of Staff early May 1940. He participated in the short and hasty Norwegian War Theatre. Hansson was placed under German supervision in Germany during WW II, because of his high ranking status as officer. He was released early May 1945 and returned to Norway, following the exiled government from London to Oslo as reappointed General Chief of Staff.

General Hansson was given the command as Norwegian Defense Chief in May 1946, and retired in 1951, after being appointed as General Chief Commissary, after serving as Defense Chief. General Hansson died in 1956.

Close-up of Right side frame markings.

Left side of Colt Government Model C94069.

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