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Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless .380 ACP - Issued to Brig. General Robert Scott Israel, Jr.

A Colt Model M .380 pistol issued to Brigadier General Robert Scott Israel, Jr. - On August 17, 1944, he was appointed to the rank of Brigadier General and was presented his Colt 1908 .380 caliber sidearm, serial number 136169. 

This gun is complete with the original box (numbered to the gun), spare magazines, instruction sheet and holster.

Also owned by General Israel was a Walther PPK 7.65 commercial production pistol from 1937.

Brigadier General Robert Scott Israel, Jr.
(July 27, 1907 - February 13, 1998)

Robert Scott Israel Jr. was born in San Antonio, Texas in 27 July 1907. He was admitted to the United States Military Academy on 28 July 1924.  

His years at West Point were a time of achievement and dedication and were spent working steadily and conscientiously.  In addition to preparing his studies, Cadet Israel participated in extracurricular activities.  Cadet Israel graduated on the 126th anniversary of the founding of the United States Military Academy.  He received his diploma from Major general William R. Smith, Superintendent of the Military Academy.  The graduation address was given by the Assistant Secretary of War, the Honorable Charles B. Robbins.

Upon graduation from the U.S. Military Academy in 1928 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery.

After graduating from the Air Force Flying School in 1929, General Israel served as commanding officer of the First Pursuit Group and Los Angeles Air Defense Wing in California. Then, as commanding officer of the Third Air Defense Wing at Mitchel Field, N.Y., he was transferred overseas to North Africa in February 1943. The next two years General Israel commanded the 62nd Fighter Wing in Sicily and Italy, where he participated in the battle campaigns of Tunisia, Sicily, the Po Valley, Naples-Foggia, Rome Arno, the North Appennines and Sicilian amphibious operations.

Completing the Command and General Staff School in 1946, the general was then assigned duty with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C.

For a short period in 1951 General Israel served with the Fifth Air Force in Korea, participating in the Communist Chinese Spring Offensive.  After that he was successively the vice commander of the 314th Air Division, commanding general of the 41st Air Division and vice commander of the Japan Air Defense Force within the Far East Air Forces, Japan.

Joining the Air Defense Command on May 1, 1953, General Israel became commander of the 32nd Air Division (Defense) at Syracuse Air Force Station, Syracuse, N.Y., with additional duty on Jan. 15, 1957 as commander of the 32nd Continental Air Defense Division, also at Syracuse.

His decorations include the Bronze Star, Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster, Order of the Southern Cross from Brazil, British Royal Warrant of Appointment and the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation. He is a command pilot.


General Israel received the following promotions throughout his military career:


Temporary (AUS)

Permanent (RA)

2nd Lt


9 June 1928

1st Lt


8 December 1933


9 September 1940

15 March 1935


31 January 1941


Lt. Colonel

1 February 1942

1 July 1948


28 February 1944


Brig. General

17 August 1944




2 April 1948

Brig. General


In 1955, he was appointed to the rank of Brigadier General. He was presented his Colt 1908 .380 caliber sidearm, serial number 136169 on August 17, 1944.


ISRAEL, ROBERT SCOTT, JR Papers. (1914-1958)

(1 cu ft, Call No. 168.7205, IRIS Nos. 1066330-1066375)

          (1907-1998). Brigadier General. USAF, 1928-1958. Born 27 July 1907, San Antonio, TX. BS, United States Military Academy, 1928. Air Corps Tactical School, 1939; Command and Staff College, 1946; National War College, 1949. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery, June 1928; began duty in Air Corps, September 1928. Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade officer, 1928-1941; Commanding Officer, 1st Pursuit Group and Los Angeles Defense Wing, 1942; Commanding Officer, 3rd Air Defense Wing, 1942-1943; Commanding General, XXII Tactical Air Command, 1945; Student, Command and Staff College, 1946; Staff Officer, Directorate of Plans and Organization, HQ USAF, 1947-1948; Student, National War College, 1949; Commander, 26th Air Division, 1949-1950; Deputy for Operations, Western Air Defense Force, 1950; Staff Officer, HQ Far East Air Forces, 1950-1951; Vice Commander, Fifth Air Force, 1951; Vice Commander, 314th Air Division, 1951-1952; Vice Commander, Japan Air Defense Force, 1952; Deputy Commander and then Commander, 32nd Air Division and Commander, 32nd Continental Air Defense Division, 1952-1958. Retired 31 July 1958. Holder of World Air Speed Record, 1941 (accomplished in P-38).

           Personal and official papers relating to Israel’s Air Force career. Includes personal and official correspondence (1945-1957), and a diary of the history of the 62nd Fighter Wing (1942-1945). Also includes published histories of the following units: 64th Fighter Wing (1942-1945), 350th Fighter Group, Mediterranean Campaign (1942-1945), 82nd Fighter Control Squadron (1942-1945), and a yearbook of the 32nd Air Defense Division (1955). Contains several photographs covering Israel’s career, from his time at USMA to his promotion to Brigadier General in 1955, to include a picture taken with Eddie Rickenbacker in 1942. Also contains several documents relating to Israel’s days at USMA including Official Register of Officers and Cadets (1928), USMA Information on Appointment and Admission (1928) and copies of Bugle Notes (1924-1928), as well as news clippings and the program of his graduation (1928). Includes other miscellaneous memorabilia relating to Israel’s earlier flying days (1929-1945). Also contains personnel records, including flying records (1929-1958), pilot books (1928-1931), various assignment orders, completion certificates (1928-1957) and letters of appreciation and awards (1943-1949).

            Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency, include a briefing on the Twentieth Air Force prepared by then Colonel Israel and staff in 1948 (760.04-3).

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