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Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP - Issued to Brigadier General Harold C. Maison (1950), Reissued to Brigadier General Marshall B. Garth, USA (1967)

K. Crabtree Collection

Colt Model M .32 ACP serial number 567456 - Military Model M .32 ACP pistol, arsenal refinished finish, with U.S. PROPERTY mark on right side of frame and ordnance mark on left rear of frame.  Pistol is documented as having been issued to Brigadier General Harold C. Maison on 9/26/1950 and then reissued to Brigadier General Marshall B. Garth on 9/13/1967.

Garth, BG Marshall B. - (O36357) B- Va, September 19, 1910 A-Va,

Awards: Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal (Oak Leaf Cluster)

Private and Corporal. Inf. A. U.S. 14 July 41 to 15 July 42
2nd Lieutenant A. U.S. 16 July 42
Accepted 16 July 42
Active duty 16 July 42
1st Lieutenant A. U.S. 22 Dec. 42
Captain A. U.S. 21 Dec. 43
Major A. U.S. 10 Mar 45
1st Lieutenant of Infantry 5 July 46 with rank from 16 July 45
Accepted 29 July 46.

This was current as of 1 January 1948

Maison, BG Harold C.

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