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Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP - Issued to Major General Herbert George Sparrow

Colt Model M .32 ACP issued to Major General Herbert George Sparrow (West Point Class of 1933) on 24 June 1968Pistol is a late issue and was rebuilt at Rock Island Arsenal prior to being issued to MG Sparrow.  Grips are period arsenal replacements and were added by RIA at the time the gun was rebuilt.  Pistol is pictured on top of the original foil bag in which is was shipped from RIA to MG Sparrow (bearing the serial number of the pistol).

Right side pictured with original foil wrapped magazine that accompanied the pistol.

Certificate of Ownership Presented to Major General Herbert G. Sparrow for Pistol, Caliber .32 Colt -- Serial # 568765, 24 June 1968.  The Certificates of Ownership were issued in accordance with the provision of AR 725-78 dated 3 December 1964, granting ownership of issued side arms received by General Officers to them upon their promotions.

Original letter to MG Sparrow that accompanied the Certificate of Ownership and Disassembly Sheet. 
Born, 24 Nov 1910   Massachusetts and admitted to  West Point in 1929 from Ohio, Field Artillery.

Graduated from West Point, Class of 1933


G-3 Central Pacific Base Command
1944 - 1945

Obsr 25th Division, Liaison Officer 6th Artillery  Theater Pacific (A Brief History of the 25th Infantry Division)
1945 - 1946

Deputy Chief of Staff, Chief of Staff 98th Division Japan (Bronze Star Medal Commendation Ribbon)
1950 - 1951   Headquarters Tactical Air Command (Langley AFB, VA)
1952   Army War College


Staff Secretary, Headquarters Allied Forces SE
1960 - 1962


Commanding General 1st Field Artillery Missile Brigade
1962 - 1964   Chairman Military Assistance Advisory Group France
1964 - 1966   Commanding General 20 Corps Ft Hayes
1966 - 1967

Office Deputy Chief of Staff/Personnel Department of the Army, Washington, DC (Distinguished Service Medal)
1967 - 1970

Chairman Army Audit Agency (Distinguished Service Medal)
1970   Retired & Recalled to Active Duty
1970 - 1973

Director Army CnclRevBds 1970-1973 (Distinguished Service Medal)

Retired, Major General

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